Three Guys One World Cup Season Finale

July 18, 2018

All good things must come to an end, and this tournament was about as good as it gets! Donnie, Santiago and Fuzzy Dan breakdown the final matches of this incredibly entertaining World Cup, as well as give you their impressions of the competition as a whole. Thank you so much for joining us on this athletic adventure, and stay tuned for a new PodFix Presents show next week!

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Three Guys One World Cup Week 4 Recap

July 11, 2018

We're creeping closer to the Final, and OH BOY were these matches intense! Fuzzy Dan, Donnie and Santiago are broken husks of their former selves after the stress and excitement of last week's action has taken its toll on them. Jokes on them, IT WILL GET CRAZIER! The Hosts break down what stood out to them, which is pretty easy when they're dealing with these quality matches. Winners, losers, players to watch and more on this episode of PodFix Presents!

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Three Guys One World Cup: Week 3 Recap

July 4, 2018

WHAT. THE. HECK. IS. HAPPENING? The number of people that would have guessed the match outcomes so far: Zero. The number of teams left in the tournement: diminishing by the day. The facial expressions that have gone across the show Hosts' faces: priceless. Donnie, Fuzzy Dan and Santiago have had one insane match after the other happen before their very eyes, and this episode will break down them all; they're here for you in this time of craziness. What are your thoughts on the matches? What has been your favorite goal? Who's surprised you the most? Share those thoughts with us on the PodFix Twitter. Thanks for joing the Three Guys on this journey, and stay tuned for even more!

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Three Guys One World Cup Week 2 Recap

June 27, 2018

Wow. No one could have predicted that round of football, including our PodFix boys. There were heartbreaks, last minute goals and injuries to both body & mind. Hear Donnie, Santiago and Fuzzy Dan go nuts on one of the craziest weeks in World Cup history. Join in the conversation on the PodFix Twitter and let the Hosts know what were some of your favorite matches, or, your least favorite. What are your expectations/predictions heading into the knockout rounds? We're just getting started here, so strap in for this wild ride!

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Three Guys One World Cup: Week 1 Tournament Recap

June 20, 2018

Well that opening round did NOT dissapoint! Awkward opening ceremonies, predictive octopi, and some cracking matches! Donnie, Santiago and Fuzzy Dan are back to recap Round 1, and they are ready to entertain and educate! What were their favorite goals? What did they think about the refs? How accurate were their predictions? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this week's episode! 

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Three Guys One World Cup Season Premier

June 13, 2018

Welcome to the Podfix Network's take on the 2018 World Cup! These weekly episodes will feature the super group of Fuzzy Dan (Who Spiked the Puns), Donnie (More Gooder Than) and Santiago (Weird With You) breaking down each round of the tournament. This inaugural show is airing before the games begin, and will be both a primer for those not familiar with the teams and a nice recap for the super-fans. We aim for this to be both educational & entertaining, and we hope you feel the enthusiasm oozing out of the three hosts! Join in on the discussion on Twitter and let the boys know who you're rooting for! 


Brick-a-Brack Season Finale: Star Wars

June 6, 2018

All good things must come to an end, and nothing is as good as talking about Lego! Dudi and Chris saved the best for last; that's right we're talking Star Wars sets! The Millenium Falcon. Slave 1. The Death Star. These are just some of the megastars we showcase in the season finale of Brick-a-Brack. Don't worry though, next week PodFix Presents returns with coverage of the World Cup. 

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Brick-a-Brack: Licensed Lego Properties (That Are Not Star Wars)

May 30, 2018

Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. Jurassic Park. Indiana Jomnes. Excited yet!? You should be, because Dudi and Chris are diving into the ocean of greatness that is Licensed Lego Propeties! (That are not Star Wars...yet) This episode is a grab bag of fun, and the discussion covers a wide range of sets from across time and space. Don't forget to share your sets with us too! 

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Brick-a-Brack: Lego Properties (Chima, Ninjago, Bionicle, Lego Friends etc)

May 23, 2018

Do you like ninjas, anthropomorphic animal warriors, robots and friendship? This is the epiosde for you! Lego has some incredible ideas on their own outside of licensed products. For Dudi and Chris, the first sets they ever owned were from these themes. Take a trip down memory lane with us, and welcome back to Brick-a-Brack!

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Brick-a-Brack: Creator, City and Architecture Lego Sets

May 16, 2018

You're back for more Lego talk?! Excellent! This week Dudi (Shaken Not Nerd) & Chris (More Gooder Than) discuss the Creator, City and Architecture themes! Join Dudi during his education on sets he was not particulary familiar with, and Chris geeks out more than you've ever heard before! What sets are our favorites, what were the ones that got away, and what sets should you keep your eyes on; all this and more on this week's Brick-a-Brack!

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