Podfix Presents: Star Wars: A Certain Point of View Ep 1: The Prophecy of the Chosen One

March 14, 2018

Episode 1 of A Certain Point of View is here, the PODFIX Network show that takes a deeper look into topics from the Star Wars univese and brings you opinions from a certain point of view.  

In this episode Dave (Super Movie Bros), Dudi (Shaken Not Nerd), and Dan (Netflix N Swill) take a deeper look into The Prophecy of the Chosen One and offer their interpretations on just what that is, and what it means to the greater Star Wars Universe. Did Anakin live up to the prophecy or was it a prophecy mis-read, maybe? 

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PodFix Presents: Star Wars: A Certain Point of View Ep 0

March 5, 2018

    A preview for PODFIX Presents: A Certain Point of View. This is our network's show where we take heated topics of the Star Wars Universe and present them from each host's certain point of view. 

    In this Ep 0 host Dave (Super Movie Bros.) is joined by Dudi (Shaken Not Nerd) and Dan (Netflix N Swill), to talk about our favorite aspects of the Star Wars Universe and what made us fall in love with it. We also discuss some of the episodes that will come throughout the rest of the season.

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Wizard Rewind Season One Finale

February 28, 2018

Thank you for coming on this journey with us! The season finale (Wizard Rewind will come back!) has Jake & Tom joined by guest Dexter from the Let's Get Drunk And Talk Comics Podcast to discuss Issue 183 of the magazine.

Topics Include:

The Dangers of Drinking Beer Made Out of Beets
Jake Hated The Comic Book Version Of "Civil War" So Much It Made Him Quit Reading Comic Books All Together
What Were Some Of The Long Term Ramifications of the Book In An Editorial Sense?
A Major Hollywood Director Gets Re-Involved With The Man of Steel
A Surprising Choice For "Villain of the Year"
A Discussion of the Evolution of Damian Wayne as a Character and Dexter's New Venture: The "Toxic Fan Free" Website, DoYouEvenComicBook.com, and Why Today's Fans Kinda Suck

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Interlude - Jake & Tom Conquer the World w/Comic Book Writer JM DeMatties

February 21, 2018

Wizard Rewind is taking a short break to gear up for the GRAND FINALE! in the meantime, listen to Jake and Tom inteview JM DeMatties, legendary comic book writer. Tune in, listen and Wizard Rewind will return soon!

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Wizard Rewind Episode 5: Mega Movie Issue

February 14, 2018

2005's Mega Movie Issue was a sight to behold! This episode features a Podfix Crossover with Tom from Jake & Tom Conquer the World and Nick of the Epic Film Guys.

Topics Include:

•On the Set Visit To The First “Fantastic Four” Movie

•Sam Rami Sat Down To Talk About The Pre-Production On “Spider-Man 3”

•Bryan Singer is Interviewed About The Upcoming “Superman Returns”

•Pre-Production is Ramping Up At New Line For “Iron Man”, Directed By Nick Cassavettes

•Detailed Looks At The New Costume & Batmobile for “Batman Begins”

•The Great Debate -
Best Hero: Spider-Man or Wolverine?

Best Villain: Magneto or Jack Nicholson’s Joker?

Best Director: Bryan Singer or Sam Raimi?

Best Spidey Villain: Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus?

Best Supporting Character: Harry Osborn or Nightcrawler?

Best Cult Movie: “Blade” or “The Crow”?

Hottest Chick In Spandex: Rebecca Romijn or Michelle Pfeiffer?

Best Fight Scene: Spidey vs Doc Oc, or Wolverine vs an Army?

Best Batman: Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer?

Worst Heroine: Batgirl or Supergirl ?

Best Indie Movie: “American Splendor or “Ghost World”?

Worst Bat Villain: Mister Freeze or Two-Face?

Worst Movie: Catwoman or Hulk?

Best Film: Spider-Man 2 or X2?

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Wizard Rewind Episode 4 - Issue 168

February 7, 2018

Jake & Tom are back to discuss 2005's Issue 168 of the Wizard Magazine. 

Topics Include:

•DC Announces the “52” Project

•After Wonder Woman Executed Maxwell Lord, Wizard Wants To Know: Should Heroes Kill?

•Fresh Off Of “Serenity”, Joss Whedon Mentioned That He Was Getting Ready To Start Work On A Wonder Woman Movie.
What Do We Think That Movie Would Have Looked Like?

•Natalie Portman Was Interviewed For “V For Vendetta”

•DC Launched Their All-Star Line, Featuring Frank Miller & Jim Lee On Batman and Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly On Superman

•”Lost: Season 1” Arrives on DVD

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Wizard Rewind Ep. 3 - Issue 196

January 31, 2018

Tom is joined by Super Movie Brother Dave for a PodFix Crossover to cover 2008's Issue 196 of the Wizard Magazine 

Topics Include:

•Dave & Tom’s History of Being Comic Book Fans, as Well as Being “Lapsed Readers”.

•Heroes: Season Three.

•Behind the Scenes “Watchmen” Photos.

•Publicity Photos For “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.

•Featured Article on the First “Iron Man” Movie.

•DC Comics’ “Final Crisis”.

•Featured Article On “Secret Invasion”.

•An Article Featuring an Interview with Christopher Nolan & Short Article About The Guerrilla Marketing For “The Dark Knight”.

•An “Iron Man” Quiz.

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Wizard Rewind Ep 2 (Issue 100)

January 24, 2018

Jake and Tom return to discuss Issue 100 of the Wizard magazine. With a cover done by the legendary Alex Ross, this episode promises to be equally epic. Y2K, Marvel's MC2 imprint, Darth Vader vs Darth Maul, and the role of Wolverine being recast with some unknown Aussie actor. Tune in, put on your wizard caps and be entertained!

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PodFix Presents…Wizard Rewind Episode 1

January 17, 2018

The next segment of PodFix Presents starts today! Jake and Tom (of Jake and Tom Conquer the World) are joined by the PodFix Podfather himself, Chris of More Gooder Than, to discuss the greatness that was the Wizard magazine. This first installment will cover Issue 36, which includes the Clone Saga, Joe Quesada & Event Comics, and a surprise hidden in the fan submissions! This will be a 6 part series, so strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride. 

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PodFix Screener Review - Hectic Knife

January 10, 2018

The PodFix Network received a screener for Troma film, Hectic Knife, and knowing Troma's calling card, the network called upon the only two guys who have the experience of review Troma quality films.  Dan and Caleb from Netflix 'N Swill are here to talk about junkies, bagels, orange pills, and who's the villain in this review of Hectic Knife.


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