A Certain Point of View - Ep 3: Are the Rebels Really Good Guys?

March 28, 2018

In this episode of PODFIX Presents: A Certain Point of View Dave (Super Movie Bros.) Is joined as always by Dudi (Shaken Not Nerd) and for the first time Wes (ViaVHS) to discuss this week's topic. Is the Rebel Alliance really the good guys in the Star Wars Universe. Of course they are! But, in the face of war can the end justify the means? Winning wars is not easy, and it comes at great loss. What less than moral actions did the rebels take throughout the series to win. And of course we decide which side we'd rather be on the Empire, or the Rebels. Wes it was either be sold as a sex slave by the Hutts, or join. 

Next week. Should the stand alone Star Wars films center around original trilogy characters. 

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