Podfix NFL Recap Show: Divisional Round

January 16, 2019

And then there were four! The NFL is cruel and unusual to its teams, but that makes for GREAT viewing for us football fans. Chris & Other Chris watched every second of the Divisional Round of the playoffs, because soon, there won't be any football left to watch! We both were not accurate with our picks, lets see how their picks for Championship Weekend line up with your's. Shouldn't be too hard, there's only two of them to choose from.


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Podfix NFL Recap Show: Wild Card Weekend Review

January 9, 2019

What can we say? Wild Card Weekend was...wild! The Double Doinks themselves Chris and Other Chris are back and ready to party! They are exhausted from the NFL Playoff drama, but that will NEVER stop them from entertaining you. They also give their picks for the Divisional round; let's see if they can do better than 1-4.


Podfix NFL Recap Show: Regular Season Reflection

January 2, 2019

Other Chris says it best on this week's episode: "It's Sad-Happy" that we've reached this point. On one hand, we've reached Wild Card Weekend, one of the most exciting weeks of any sport. However, we bid farewell to arguably the most enjoyable season the NFL has ever produced. All that means is we're not done yet! Let's get ready for some football!


Podfix NFL Recap Show: Week 15

December 19, 2018

WOW. Just wow. If only the insanity of the previous weeks could have prepared Chris and Other Chris for the TRULY insane week that was number 15. Oh wait, it totally did! The NFL proves once again that football is the best sport ever, bar none!


Podfix NFL Recap Show: Week 14

December 12, 2018

That's right, Week 14 of the NFL is here! You know what that means: Playoff spots have been clinched by teams! Chris and Other Chris cannot believe that the regular season is coming to a close, but this wild ride is far from over. Surprises, Bests, Worsts and more on this fooball podcast! Enjoy.


Podfix NFL Recap Show: Week 13

December 5, 2018

Hey! You're Back! Also, kudos to you for reading the show notes. People put a lot of time and effort into these (sometimes). The NFL regular season is winding down to its close, but that doesn't mean that Chris and Other Chris are any less excited about football! They still give you their patented wit and wisdom.


Podfix NFL Recap Show: Week 12

November 28, 2018

Week 12 of the NFL has come and gone, taking Thanksgiving with it. Other Chris is back in with Chris Prime to dish (pun intended) on all of the football action. They talk a little fantasy, but mainly stay on track and give their predictions for lucky number week 13. Make sure you check out podfixnetwork.com to see the full lineup of shows for the network follow us on twitter to join in on the conversation.


Podfix NFL Recap Show: Week 11

November 21, 2018

It's HERE, sports fans! The week Chris and Other Chris have been waiting for, and it did not disappoint. What is disappointing, Toph was unable to revel in the greatness on air, but he was here in spirit. However, the show was saved by the special guest, the man with infinite Southern charm and football knowledge: Wes Younger from "Wesley Wanders" and "Via VHS". They break down an instant classic, talk about the finer points of defensive play, what position they played in high school, update you on Team Fire Jason Garrett and more! Join in the fun on the Podfix twitter and visit the network website to see the full line up of amazing shows!


Podfix NFL Recap Show: Week 10

November 14, 2018

Well, Team Fire Jason Garrett didn't have the victory it deserved, but there were a heck of a lot of great games to choose from. we have maybe our most anticipated game of the year o discuss, plus many more shenanigans. Enjoy!


Podfix NFL Recap Show: Week 9

November 7, 2018

Hey! Other Chris is back and better than ever! He returns from the ether to discuss, among other things, the state of his beloved Dallas Cowboys. We decide whether or not "Lock of the Week" is really the best title for the segment, and we talk about what football stories make MGT Chris cry (spoilers: it's all of them) All the football talk you could ever ask for and more on this weeks Podfix Presents!