Wizard Rewind Episode 5: Mega Movie Issue

February 14, 2018

2005's Mega Movie Issue was a sight to behold! This episode features a Podfix Crossover with Tom from Jake & Tom Conquer the World and Nick of the Epic Film Guys.

Topics Include:

•On the Set Visit To The First “Fantastic Four” Movie

•Sam Rami Sat Down To Talk About The Pre-Production On “Spider-Man 3”

•Bryan Singer is Interviewed About The Upcoming “Superman Returns”

•Pre-Production is Ramping Up At New Line For “Iron Man”, Directed By Nick Cassavettes

•Detailed Looks At The New Costume & Batmobile for “Batman Begins”

•The Great Debate -
Best Hero: Spider-Man or Wolverine?

Best Villain: Magneto or Jack Nicholson’s Joker?

Best Director: Bryan Singer or Sam Raimi?

Best Spidey Villain: Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus?

Best Supporting Character: Harry Osborn or Nightcrawler?

Best Cult Movie: “Blade” or “The Crow”?

Hottest Chick In Spandex: Rebecca Romijn or Michelle Pfeiffer?

Best Fight Scene: Spidey vs Doc Oc, or Wolverine vs an Army?

Best Batman: Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer?

Worst Heroine: Batgirl or Supergirl ?

Best Indie Movie: “American Splendor or “Ghost World”?

Worst Bat Villain: Mister Freeze or Two-Face?

Worst Movie: Catwoman or Hulk?

Best Film: Spider-Man 2 or X2?

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